Florence Le Blanc

The series Souvenirs-Stations presents buildings with different features – they may have been abandoned or have a touristic or recreational function – which tend to isolate them from reality and make them similar to “things.” Although the buildings are taken from distinct environments, placing them in the same series brings out various trajectories across North America. Despite being absent from the images, the highway is indirectly present, acting as a latent structure, even as an agent of museumization. In this way, photography establishes a kind of collection, where these buildings of different categories are preserved: totems, effigies, knick-knacks, toys, fossils, shells. “Concentrations” of places, individuals, eras. Once photographed, left behind, turned into things, these places are seen as objects, as miniatures which one can contain after they have contained us.



Florence Le Blanc has presented her work in several solo and group exhibitions in Quebec and abroad at venues and events such as Sesc Pinheiros in São Paulo, the Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie and the Brownie Art Photography gallery in Shanghai. In 2013, she was selected to represent Canada in photography at the Jeux de la Francophonie in Nice. She has carried out various functions with respect to the dissemination of the visual arts, particularly in museology and publishing, and completed a doctoral degree which examines the hybrid forms generated by photography’s interactions with other artistic languages (Université Laval). As an author and scholar, Florence Le Blanc has contributed to various publications on contemporary art today. She teaches art and art history as a part-time lecturer in various universities in Quebec.


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