Josée Landry Sirois

She works on paper and sculpturally repurposes small, seemingly unremarkable objects gleaned from everyday life. The resulting work, in the form of drawings, collages, sculptures and other singular works of accretion, partakes of a tender strangeness.

 In recent years, Landry Sirois has explored territories, ecosystems, and geographies in a series of drawings in which her increasingly obsessive use of line has come to symbolize life itself. The resulting assemblages bear the traces of the challenging paths that led to their creation; made with the castoffs of daily life – items like spent matches, candy wrappers, or pencil shavings – they construct a discourse on the fragility of physical things and the persistence of existence. 


C’est extra, Paper, pencil, and wrapping paper,  35,5 x 49 po, 2015. 3200$ (Framed) Contact gallery 

Available works

Les aînés, Paper, ink and pencil, 23 x 33 po, 2020. 1300$ (Framed) Contact gallery 

Les intrications amoureuses, paper, ink and pencil, 23 x 33 po, 2020. 975$ Contact gallery 

Pour faire des souhaits, paperweight, acrylic, porcelain, paper and pencil, 6,5 x 6,5 x 6 po, 2017. 900$ 
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Algèbre, paper, ink and pencil, 23 x 33 po, 2020. 1300$ (Framed) Contact gallery 

Lignes de vie, paper, ink and pencil, 30 x 43,5 po, 2015. 2150$ (Framed) 
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Errance, paperweight, acrylic, paper, pencil and prismacolor, 3 x 3 x 2,8 po, 2017. 475$ Contact gallery