Luca Fortin

Fluctuating between art and architecture, Luca is interested in the continuity of materials and the poetry of their aging over time. His pictorial investigations question the dualities between matter and its alterability. Repeated and superimposed movements allow him to compose abstract works with ethereal, vaporous and open-ended surfaces. Leaving considerable room for the unknown and the unexpected, the artist seeks to emphasize the brittleness, fragility and malleability of the matter he shapes.


Luca Fortin holds a master’s degree in architecture and a graduate microprogram in visual arts from Laval University. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Henry Adams Medal (2016) awarded by the American Institute of Architects for the excellence of his architectural studies. Active in public art, he is currently working, as a finalist, on a proposal for the National Memorial to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan. He has participated in several individual and group exhibitions, among others in Beijing in China (2016), in Ahmedabad in India (2017) and more recently at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec (2019). His works are part of several collections, including that of Loto-Québec. Luca Fortin is represented by the Galerie.a.


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