Tanya Morand

Photos taken on her daily rambles, which are reinterpreted and integrated with drawing, painting and silkscreen printing, are an essential element of Tanya Morand’s artistic practice.

With SPIN-PLAZA the artist reconfigures her photos as collages and then reworks them into larger paintings. Inspired for the most part by two visits to Madrid, she reinterprets the urban context, mixing imagery of vernacular architecture, city parks, and the daily passage of people.

Cutting through views of cities and neighbourhoods, the artist creates contrasts with colour and arabesque-like forms, blurring the boundaries between photography and painting. Her compositions present fragments of European cities and accentuate the qualities and heterogeneous realities of cities in perpetual evolution. Tanya Morand, sensitive to the limitless growth of cities that annihilates natural environments, suggests with her imagery a metamorphosis of urban spaces; making them more serene, accessible and green.


Born in Montreal, Tanya Morand has lived and worked in Quebec City since 1998. Having completed a master of studio art at Concordia University, she has been teaching since the 1990s. Her artwork has been presented in almost forty solo exhibitions and as many group exhibitions, through Quebec, Ontario, the United States and Europe. She has participated in a number of residencies, notably at the Banff Center, at Sagamie and at Engramme. Her artwork can be found in public and private collections. An active member of the artist-run centre Engramme, she is presently producing a new body of work involving silkscreen.


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